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Plan Lab is marketing plan software that teaches you what agencies charge thousands for. It's the easiest way to write a powerful marketing plan.

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What does it do? Plan Lab helps people create a marketing plan via online software that guides them through 6 stages of writing a marketing plan, asking them dozens of questions and letting them save their answers as they go.

Each question has 1-3 paragraphs of marketing advice for answering it and most have either an example of what a successful business has done in respect to that area of marketing, or a diagram to help to illustrate the point.

At the end of the 6 stages, the user is able to export their marketing plan as a PDF or an editable .docx document.

Watch the video to see how it works or find out how it will improve your marketing.

No gimmicky features. Just marketing strategy, ideas and advice, done well

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We bought our main competitor’s marketing plan software, fired up an old PC and installed it off CD-Rom (remember those?). It taught us us a few things about what we wanted to create with PlanLab:

  1. We weren’t interested in padding it out with gimmicky discount vouchers for services you wouldn’t want to use.
  2. We wanted to build something that focused on teaching bright minds about marketing strategy. Most marketing plan software is too focused on carrying out orders.
  3. What’s the point of CD-based software in 2017? Marketing changes so rapidly and you need a marketing plan that lets you pivot and adjust with the latest advice – all updated with the latest marketing advice regularly for free!

Online marketing plan software that takes the pain out of creating a marketing plan

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Plan Lab online marketing plan software makes creating your marketing plan so much easier!

Marketing plans are vital to promoting your business in a crowded market, but they can be overwhelming if you haven’t created one before or don’t have as much marketing knowledge as you would like.

Plan Lab online marketing plan software shows you what questions need to be answered, guides you through answering each question and lets you save and share your marketing plan at the end – ready for business partners, potential investors and new staff.

See what to include, how and why, with inspiring real world examples

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Featuring a growing library of real-world examples from leading small businesses around the world. See practical examples, transforming our advice into inspiration.

After developing marketing plans each and every day the old fashioned way, we spent two years creating Plan Lab so that business owners and new marketers could learn marketing while they created their marketing plan using our leading online marketing software.

We know that there are other ways to go about creating a marketing plan so we concentrated on making the core value of the product (teaching great marketing strategy) insanely effective.