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We’re excite to release multi-plan accounts

Create as many Marketing Plans as you like with Multi-Plan Accounts!

You said it. We listened. Many of you told us that you wanted to be able to create multiple Marketing Plans. Now you can come up with plans for each of your bright ideas or simply create Marketing Plans for different divisions across your organisation.

Multi-Plan accounts are just a $30 upgrade from regular accounts.


We’ve given existing users a free upgrade to thank them for your support in our first nine months as the most educational online Marketing Plan software.


We Just Improved Image Uploading

We’ll admit it. Uploading an image to your marketing plan wasn’t as easy as it should have been.

So, we developed a new image uploading feature to allow you to easily add your logo, charts, photos of marketing material or competitors to your marketing plan. It’s another free update available right now for Plan Lab users.

Plan Lab just got a whole lot better!

We just added a completely revamped customer segment creation tool and added over 30 new examples throughout the marketing plan. Combine that with 5 new marketing diagrams and Plan Lab just got a whole lot more useful!

Not sitting still – first iteration features

We’re just about to release Plan Lab but we’re not sitting still. Here’s a list of features that our developers are working on to release in the coming months:

  • Easily add your company logo to your plan
  • An updated library with 3x more inspiring real world examples
  • Click a button to show examples in pop-up windows
  • Audio-guides for each section of the marketing plan
  • A dramatically improved customer segments section

The rest is up to you! We’ve added a short feedback form for early users to provide feedback and ideas on features that they’d like to see in Plan Lab.