Marketing Plan Outline

There are dozens of marketing plan template variations available throughout the internet. Even marketing plan outlines and templates differ slightly between professional marketing agencies.

We suggest using the following marketing plan outline to cover every base on the path to an effective marketing plan. This marketing plan outline forms the basis of Plan Lab’s marketing plan template.

The Plan Lab Marketing Plan Outline


Describe your Business
Why do people need/want it?
What are your goals?

The Market

SWOT Analysis
PEST Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Market Description
Growth Forecast
Opportunity Statement

The Customer

Customer Segments
Ideal Customer

Marketing Strategy

Service Experience
Unique Selling Proposition

Marketing Mix

Direct Marketing
Internet Marketing
Content Marketing
Social Media
Public Relations
Action Plan

Our download Plan Lab Marketing Plan Outline includes columns to aid in assigning sections of our marketing plan to marketing personnel and keep them accountable to due dates.

Download Marketing Plan Outline template (PDF)